Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First App

I have a simple to use Android app that lets you figure out what country those Washington DC Diplomats are from.  It's Free. Give it a try and let me have some feedback.

Look up the meaning of the codes on diplomatic plates using this app:

Details on how it works:
Using the Android app, you'll be able to find out that this diplomatic plate belongs to a diplomat from India.There are almost 200 other countries who have diplomats in Washington and other major US cities where there are embassies, consulates, or other missions like the United Nations. On all diplomatic plates, the 2nd and 3rd letters are the unique code for the country. In the example above, the "DL" which indicates India.

thanks from Alex at soft.fun


  1. Version 2.6 just got published.

    I found about 34 new codes by searching around the net. This was after a notable failure to identify a fairly common country code, "LN".

    I'm beginning to see that this data is surprisingly changeable and even confusing. For example, I found 7 instances of country codes attributed to different countries; one site claiming a code corresponded to a certain country, while another web site claimed an entirely different country. If I couldn't sort it out I listed both.

    If anyone can sort out these differences please email or post here, along with your sources.

    Also, if any new codes are spotted, even if you don't know or aren't sure of the country, let me know what codes you have seen and where you were.



  2. Users asked for a full list view of the country codes and that feature has been added in version 2.7 release today, April 3, 2011. You can sort by country names or by country codes. The full list is a compilation from a number of internet sites, and there are conflicts among those sites for a few of the codes. Where that has happened, multiple country names are resolved to the same code.

    Other features in version 2.7 include links to this blog and to the market place to rate the app. The market place rating link will appear as a pop up after you have used the program for a while.